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Acrylic Paintings – Doors to Truth


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Doors to Truth

Rosie Jackson 1997
Acrylics on canvas, 50 x 60 cm

“If you close all the doors leading to paths that may be erroneous, you may be shutting out the truth.” (Tagore). A series of closed transformationdoors lies in front of us. Which ones will we dare to open? Which pioneerpaths will prove to be dangerous, pleasant, or littered with obstacles?. Some have barriers, steep steps, watchful eyes or helping hands. But we don’t know what lies behind each door until we open it.

Whatever we encounter, we will learn more about ourselves. And what will happen when we reach the end of our journey? It is not possible to tell, for the pioneerpaths seem to end abruptly, as if reaching a horizon or possibly going on beyond it into another life. We can not see into the future, and we will never be able to enjoy a complete sense of permanence or security.