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Acrylic Paintings – The Star Child

The Star Child

Rosie Jackson 2013
Acrylics on canvas, 30 x 40 cm

The star child sits cross-legged on a hillock of flowers. It is not clear where her body starts and where the flowers begin, showing her integration and affinity with ALL. It is not even clear whether this entity is male or female. She appears to be both simultaneously: a central womb nurtures a seed through seven umbilical cords, while there are male organs below.

The womb is not the only area of growth. New green cells are growing inside and outside the body. Extra eyes also float outside the body, indicating that her consciousness extends beyond normal perimeters. The body of this being consists of streams of energy, rather than having a clear and solid form. All these streams are connected and anchored by a central blue heart, which compasses its actions.

This child from another star is highly fluid, telepathic and creative, capable of birthing change continuously, changing shape at will and travelling the universe to carry out missions propelled by the heart. It shows us OUR FUTURE, manifesting what we can become when we move to higher spiritual ground. The star child does not live separated on one planet alone but in THE CONNECTING UNIVERSE.