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Rosie Jackson

About Rosie Jackson

1960  Born in St. Annes-on-the-Sea, Lancashire, England

1979 - 83 Joint Honours Degree in German and French, University of Durham

1983 – 84 Teacher Training at the University of Oxford

1985 -87 Voluntary Service Overseas, Peoples’ Republic of China

1987 - present  Resident in Munich, Germany

Artwork and other professions: 

Paintings - Spiritual Revolution Seminars - Messages from Seraphin and Visions received through meditation - Personal Counseling Sessions - Songs for the Spirit and Videos - Mosaics - Etchings – Interior design - Translations – Art book editing

Symbolic elements in Rosie Jackson’s work 

Grievingtrees – Explosioneggs – Headless Torsovases – Hungerfish

Evasioneyes – Pioneerpaths – Searcharms – Safarispirals – Goldenglobes

Cushionwalls – Salvationchains – Mushroomseeds – Manipulationmasks

Promisecandles – Compassroots – Horizonhands – Mirrorsnails – Selfsteerships

Shadowpainholes – Surveyingtrees – Alchemysnakes – Misshapeflowers

Seedvisages – Spawnorifices – Miracleroses – Sentryleaves - Selfsteerships

Ultimatehearts – Findsecretselffingers – Transformationdoors – Letembraceletters 

My Dreams 

Travelling, within myself and elsewhere

Searching for new spiritual horizons

Being actively aware of the many paths available

Acting without prejudice and preconception

Daring to examine the shadows behind the light

Overcoming old behavioural patterns

Restraining from self-injury and rejecting ballast

Working on the past and on grief

Realising the possibilities for change

Experiencing the power of positive energy

Imitating the resiliance of nature

Recognising the potential of every person

Accompanying others along their path

Individual and global peace