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Acrylic Paintings – Where shall I steer my ship?


Acrylic Paintings – Where shall I steer my ship? Detail 1 Acrylic Paintings – Where shall I steer my ship? Detail 2

Where shall I steer my ship?
Every Moment

Rosie Jackson 2003
Acrylics on canvas, 100 x 80 cm

We have no power over natural forces like wind, waves or volcanoes. We can float with the tide, or we can use our rudders and become selfsteerships. Every moment offers us the choice of departing for new shores. Small figures, daring to set out into the unknown, are crossing the connecting bridge. They carry heavy burdens – old behaviour patterns which hinder their view of reality and limit their tolerance.

The figures leave the superficial harmony of the stagnant violet world with its tropical island, supported by the alchemysnake emerging from a spawnorifice and by a heaven full of burgeoning mushroomseeds. The green world is alive with deep swirling waves and vibrant energy, but if offers no security. Emotional rebirth as an explosionegg can be an exciting, inspiring but also painful experience which can shatter our preconceptions.

One egg is sitting precariously exposed on a wall, another is being eaten. A letembraceletter is perforated by a fork, and hands are deformed rather than active. Seedvisages relate secrets or scream repressed anger. In this way our cluttered emotional landscapes can be cleansed, and we reach a higher level of consciousness where the seeds of content and happiness can flourish. These – the fruits of this inner quest – can be found in the sun which shines on both worlds.