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Acrylic Paintings – Garden of Tears


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Garden of Tears

Rosie Jackson 2004
Acrylics on canvas, 100 x 80 cm

“I feel at home whenever I am surrounded by clouds, birds and the tears of humankind.” (Rosa Luxemburg) What gives us a feeling of security? Perhaps a deep sense of affinity with nature and God, like the pair of flamingos, or close relationships based on emotional authenticity. But we are often far removed from the world of emotion, like the man on the cloud who carries the world on his head but cannot see his own path.

The huge pink horizonhand shows the source of tears; laughter, joy, loneliness, broken hearts and cushionwalls. Grievingtrees with very long compassroots grow on the purple hand, showing how far we sometimes have to dig before we reach the origins of a problem, before tears can flow. A multitude of tears have gathered in the clouds above. Some flow and fall without a second thought.

Others are being manipulated by deformed hands or forcibly cut by scissors. A few are in prison or being shot. Some have been rooted to the spot by fear and have turned into grievingtrees. Those desperate to leave are cut down by an axe. Although they are in great pain they are free, cradled by the wind and warmed by the sun. They develop golden seeds, fall onto fertile soil and grow into strong, independent sentryleaves