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Acrylic Paintings – Gaia thirsts

Gaia thirsts

Rosie Jackson 2013
Acrylics on canvas, 30 x 40 cm

This painting was inspired by a vision received during meditation in which a group of meditators concentrated on sending all their energy and love to a central core of light which in turn travelled to the core of the earth beneath them. A young girl appeared in their midst, and this was a personification of our earth transformed, named Gaia. She felt very weak and was supported by others. When she said she was thirsty, someone brought a pitcher of water and poured her a drink. The energy that the meditators bestowed upon her seemed to help her revival also.

This painting shows Gaia receiving the glass of water, surrounded by her supporters who are all holding hands. She wears a simple Grecian dress of yellow and green, and her hair falls in blue waves where orange fish play, and the verdant growth around her encourages her to grow also. A large red hand steadies the globe on the left, while large green and blue hands offer her LOVE symbolised by the heart painted on their palms. Gaia receives multi-coloured streams of divine energy from above, which enter her crown chakra. Earth is also observed and supported by a plethora of spaceships in an orange sky.