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Acrylic Paintings – Dance of the Headless Vases Left


Acrylic Paintings – Dance of the Headless Vases Right Acrylic Paintings – Dance of the Headless Vases Both

Dance of the Headless Vases

If we really want to experience the ecstasy of dance and enter a trance-like state, it is necessary to 'lose our heads' and let go of our thoughts and problems. When nature comes up against adversity, she is always capable of dealing with it: the flowers on a plant simply fade away, only to bloom again with renewed vigour. Nature continually throws off what is no longer necessary and undergoes transformation, like the alchemysnake portrayed here. Nature is continually growing, as indicated by the row of cells (Bottom left)

The dancing man and woman depicted here have managed to throw off their heads – and with it all the thoughts which torment them – but their bodies still have a rather stiff, vase-like form.

The small headless vases (Bottom right) are connected by a jet of water. This couple demonstrates the possibility of joining together in love through water, an aspect of nature symbolising fluidity and flow. The small figure in the background is completely free of all care and is dancing on the topmost pinnacle of a mountain.