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Acrylic Paintings – After the Flood – Wave of Consciousness


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After the Flood –
Wave of Consciousness

Rosie Jackson 2005
Acrylics on canvas, 100 x 80 cm

Nurtured by a ring of protective sentryleaves, seeds from our unconscious gradually rise and emerge through the row of cells. Some are still transparent, lacking a central nucleus; while others have already determined their colour, form or direction. What is the catalyst for change and growth? In this case, the huge tidal wave in the background which caused massive destruction and loss of life in south-eastern Asia and elsewhere in December 2004.

The spectacular giant blooms against a row of promisecandles symbolise the perfection and creative power of nature, of which we are all a part. The blue lady delights in the fragrance of the enchanting flower and recognises its beauty. Two people have committed themselves to protecting trees. The great rise in sea-level and the enormous tidal wave which is about to destroy the tiny figures floating in the ocean are not simply “fate” but a consequence of the way we ignore and manipulate nature and humanity on a global scale.

Creatures and people of all nations and creeds realise their responsibility, and they extend their searching arms to the suffering. The green woman verbalises her golden dream of building an orphanage for the surviving children. The scenes of destruction following the derailing of a train on the coast of Sri Lanka remain fixed in the pale green cloud of memory ensuing from the thin African figure. Others do not have the capacity to act. The thin green figure with very minimally defined facial features is constricted by her own self-constructed salvationchains. The rigid, categorical thinking of the box-headed figure prevents him from feeling true sympathy, and the fish creature has not developed any arms and is condemned to passivity. The humanitarian approach is not an option for the turbaned figure who keeps a tight grasp on the central flower, while the tormented two-faced figure forces himself to reach out despite fear and doubt.

The explosion of brilliant hues as well as the erupting volcano on the horizon are an indication of the wealth of inner potential still at our disposal. The rainbow is a symbol of hope and encouragement that the flood has wrought a change in us, like the alchemysnakes on the left which shed their skins regularly. The higher levels of consciousness to which the snakes climb are represented by the heavens, the home of the angels, the planets, visions and dreams which accompany us on our spiritual path.