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Acrylic Paintings – Gaia's Birth - from: Gaia's Journey  a vision of our future

Gaia's Birth

from: Gaia's Journey a vision of our future
(Three paintings)

Rosie Jackson 2010
Acrylics on canvas, 30 x 40 cm

Our planet, also known as Gaia, Mother Earth or Urantia, is often regarded as a piece of large rock (floating in an even larger empty space) which has randomly and uniquely developed the “right“ conditions for the evolution of the human race.

Contrary to this view, Gaia is presented here as an ensouled being, giving birth to herself and being supported in this process by the pink arms of the Divine Source which are pulling her upwards as she releases everything associated with the past through her vagina.

Gaia is portrayed here in the transition period of great changes and increased spiritual energy which has been heralded by so many different sources and which involves setting a new course according to new spiritual values. Like her inhabitants, Gaia is being invited to assess her position, adapt her behaviour, make her decisions and rebalance herself.

This is manifested on a physical level, illustrated in this painting by streaks of lightening emitting from Gaia’s mouth, volcanoes exploding through her breast, and a tornado emerging from her stomach. A snake of transformation winds through her hair, and spaceships from other planets are hovering outside her orbit in the hope of delivering assistance, but Gaia’s eyes are closed and she does not register this invitation.