Rosie Jackson - Schlangensymbol - Acryl - Radierungen -
Acrylics and Oil Pastels - Painting – Intuition and the Box Man

Intuition and the Box Man

Rosie Jackson 2007
Acrylics and Oil Pastels on canvas, 30 x 40 cm

Do we impose our own limitations?
Do we listen to our minds or our hearts?
Are our actions pre-programmed or spontaneous?

The pink woman is standing in a meadow full of flowers with her arms outstretched. She symbolises Intuition, as her reactions are spontaneous and come directly from the heart. She never has 'second thoughts'. The child in her womb shows that she is happy to allow new experiences into her life, and that she is prepared to love unconditionally.

Below, the Box Man is holding his enormous brown head which is divided into many sections. His tendency to categorise other people according to his prejudices prevents him from making authentic contact. Thus he continues to live in isolation.