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Acrylic Paintings – The Story of Now

The Story of Now

Rosie Jackson 2012
Acrylics on canvas, 120 x 100 cm

The strength of the sun has increased, sending high vibrations in the form of red love letters to the earth, helping her to return to her former glory. This higher energetic level on earth cause wounds to show up more clearly.

A number of men and women have realised this, and lie in meditative state in the form of a star around the purple crystal at the earth’s core. They wish to heal these wounds so that they can more effectively send energy to the earth. Healing is possible when they return to innocence, to nature, to simplicity and honesty. This process is symbolised by the dark child who puts flowers into their wounds. The green woman with red hair is overwhelmed by the purity of the flower inserted into her crown chakra that two people come to support her and hold her hands.

As pure divine beings, these people can now send their energy to the crystal which in turn germinates flowers and two beams of light. The blue beam and the pink beam – symbolising the divine masculine and feminine energies – twist upwards through all seven chakras to achieve perfect balance.

The sky is full of galactic observers. The orange ships are beaming people aboard as part of an evacuation process in the face of grave danger. The red person is happy to go and stretches his arms to the sky. The brown person refuses and is pulled up by the legs.

The water system is in reverse. Instead of water being drawn upwards through the roots, water is received from the multi-coloured fountain, fired by the central crystal, and descends into the root system. All root systems grow towards each other, connecting to form a huge universal network carrying divine information. The red roots of the female tree and the male tree grow towards each other and join.

A group of meditators are holding hands to form a purple circle, experiencing new areas of freedom and consciousness and supporting the ascension process. They are connected with each other, the earth’s core and their galactic sisters and brothers by a path of orange energy.

Below the pink cathedral, angels are opening the coffin of a frightened man who has entombed himself voluntarily. He decides to assume complete responsibility for himself and go into action. Following the green path, he reaches the door of the cathedral but realises that divinity is everywhere, and he states I AM THE DIVINE for all to hear. A turquoise path leads him to a small stone hut on the horizon. This is called Temple of Heaven because it is a place of simplicity where truth and wisdom can be acquired.

The painting THE STORY OF NOW is based on visions received during meditation. See Meditation Reports 26, 43,54, 62 and 85