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Acrylic Paintings – Journey Through Cages


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Journey Through Cages

Rosie Jackson 2007
Acrylics and Oil Pastels on canvas, 30 x 40 cm

Is there no way out?
Are we prisoners or birds?
Are we victims or creators?

The small brown figure is standing in a dark prison, turning his back on nature. The huge orange blossoms and the alchemysnakes are out of his line of vision. The man thinks that the door is locked, and so he does not even try to open it. However, it is actually open and would take him into the next cell, if he decided to turn the handle. Then his journey would at least continue. The Bird Man who has already followed this path has climbed the ladder and progressed to the roof of the last prison cell. Soon he will take flight, leaving old limiting behavioural patterns behind him, on his way to discovering new worlds.