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Acrylic Paintings – The Creative Journey


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The Creative Journey

Rosie Jackson 2005
Acrylics on canvas, 100 x 80 cm

Tiny green surpassingseeds of pulsating life gather in the stem of the flower, awaiting their turn to grow. They are born of a turquoise bloom which is an integral, inseparable part of a turquoise universe. 

When they wind their way through the golden ribbon of potential enlightenment, they are made aware of their crushed emotions (stunted butterfly), their potential (alchemysnake), their options (let-embrace-letters), the value of stillness (snails), the influence of their past (roots), their strategies of self-protection (sentryleaves), their erroneous blame of others (find-self-finger), and their guiding intuition (water). 

We can listen or ignore, forget or remember, following the path of our choosing, selecting doors to new experiences at will. Some of the paths available to us are the Path of Self Discovery (ochre and green), the Path of Manifestation (petrol green), the Path of Concentration (pale green), the Path of Unity and Universal Love (pink), and the Path of Responsibility (magenta, purple, red, green). 

Finally we will rise to the heavens and die, reincarnating ourselves in the spores of the next turquoise flower.