Rosie Jackson - Schlangensymbol - Acryl - Radierungen -
Etching – Carried by Hope

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Etching – Carried by Hope Detail Etching – Carried by Hope Whole View

Carried by Hope

Rosie Jackson 2004
Coloured zinc etching, 6 x 8 cm

“Nourishing hope is sometimes naive, but it helps us to carry on.” (Primo Levi, holocaust victim) 

Cells are multiplying rapidly underground - germs for an explosion of new awareness which will unite all people, irrespective of nationality, colour and creed. The figures stretch searching horizonhands to make contact, weaving through spectacular flowers.

This brings them to the realisation that they are an intrinsic part of the natural world which desperately needs protection. Promisecandles in the background symbolise the meditative state which is a prerequisite of reconciliation.