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Coloured zinc etching – Georg’s End

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Coloured zinc etching – Georg’s End Detail Coloured zinc etching – Georg’s End Whole View

Georg’s End

Rosie Jackson 2004
Coloured zinc etching, 6 x 8 cm

“One warm morning in August, after a very sleepless night, Georg stepped out of his cold shower at seven-thirty five. Although seized by the horrifying knowledge that he was five minutes late, he stood in front of the mirror as if paralyzed. The violet shadows of his dreams now hung around the creases of his own dull eyes. When he returned from the library on that particular day, he did not adhere to his normal routine. Instead of boiling water and selecting five sugar lumps for his cup of tea, Georg went immediately to his desk. (...) At the back was a metal tin which had not been opened for many years. It contained the stubs of eight red crayons, one of which Georg sharpened, and a large ledger. Georg opened it, slowly turning through the hundreds of pages and thousands of names and dates until he reached the very last name. It was Sarah Rosenthal, eliminated on 10.12.1941.”

Englischer Originaltext aus Georg’s End von Rosie Jackson.