Rosie Jackson - Schlangensymbol - Acryl - Radierungen -
Canvas Position - Reality - Panel D
Reality - Panel D

Panel D

Exploring Expression

Rosie Jackson 2007
Acrylics on canvas, 100 x 120 cm

Position on Canvas - Reality - Panel D - Detail 1
Reality - Panel D - Detail 1

Panel D, Detail 1

Global Villager 85: a Nigerian oil mogul clutching his possessions

Global Villager 68: a large Italian woman sunbathing

Global Villager 44: an Iranian girl in the newspaper, hung for having sex at 17

Global Villager 72: a Spanish Muslim girl from Madrid, pushed by her angry father

Global Villager 80: a boy from Botswana, sorting rubbish on the ground

Global Villager 77: a woman from Senegal imprisoned in the body of a blue snake

Global Villager 82: a screaming purple toddler from Cameroon

Global Villager 81: a worried desert nomad from Niger looking back at his camel

How often do we express ourselves and our feelings fully?

The large Italian woman cannot concede her weaknesses, feeling hollow, unauthentic and lethargic as a result.

The nomad from Niger (who spends weeks in silence as he crosses the desert alone with his camel) is symbolic of those who tend to keep to themselves.

The rich Nigerian goes through the motions of communication but is so preoccupied that he remains unaware of the needs of his contemporaries.

Expression of sexuality is severely punished: the 17 year old Iranian girl is hanged for having sex. Expression of anger is curbed: the screaming toddler from Cameroon is mistreated because it has not yet “learnt” to curb its temper.

Imagine living without fear in a fear-free world!

Fear often lies behind the decision not to expose ourselves and our emotions: the polite woman from Senegal is resigned to a stifled, semi-fulfilled life within self-defined limitations, never dreaming of communicating her loneliness.However, she is aware of her potential, symbolised by her blue snake-like body.

In the second painting, THE WORLD – VISION, she is inspired by the incredibly flexible throats (organs of expression) of the pelicans she observes. This enables her to shed old fears, regain spontaneity and lead a joyous life.

Position on Canvas - Reality - Panel D - Detail 2
Reality - Panel D - Detail 2

Panel D, Detail 2

The dominating element on this panel is the huge volcano of Stromboli in Italy. Its normal behaviour consists of “small” explosions at short intervals, followed by short periods of calm.

If personified, Stromboli would be someone who expresses anger immediately instead of bottling it up and releasing it years later in a major outburst which may harm or shock the person who happens to trigger it off. Nature reacts and releases pent up energy naturally.

Position on Canvas - Reality - Panel D - Detail 3
Reality - Panel D - Detail 3

Panel D, Detail 3

Global Villager from Italy: woman aged 56, non-religious, literate, overweight, smokes, drinks, lesbian

Position on Canvas - Reality - Panel D - Detail 4
Reality - Panel D - Detail 4

Panel D, Detail 4

This detail is from Panel D which explores expression. While technological methods enabling global communication have increased spectacularly (symbolised here by the mobile phone), the communication of feelings on a personal level still leaves something to be desired.

Global Villager from Russia: Ironically, the dark green hand of the Russian man is clutching a bank note which is actually worthless. He tends to avoid emotional issues, preferring to solve problems by throwing money at them rather than considering his own role in creating them.

Similarly he tends to use money to express affection instead of demonstrating his love through a show of personal commitment. He is cemented in the physical and material world, closed to any suggestions which suggest the existence of spiritual realms.

Global Villager from Switzerland: Swiss teacher is forced to reassess her conditioned behaviour on a trip to Sri Lanka where she is confronted by the noisy vitality of huge jungle bees. She also views a ancient palace once frequented by a King and his 500 wives, bringing her own sexual repression to the surface

Position on Canvas - Reality - Panel D - Detail 5
Reality - Panel D - Detail 5

Panel D, Detail 5

Above the volcano, a large blue snake twists its way through the sky, symbolising the possibility of change. The group of orange tadpoles illustrates burgeoning new growth. The turbine blades, powered by wind, indicate the potential of alternative sources of energy.