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Deciding to be Happy
How Prunella Princess Piggy-Wig Changed Her Mind

Rosie Jackson 2004

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Princess Prunella lives in a wobbly palace in Jelly-Welly Land with her sisters and brothers and the Royal Flamingo. She somehow feels different from the others and often bursts into tears. When she looks into the mirror it is clear that her nose is the problem. She doesn’t hear the wind or the waves or her siblings calling to her.

She thinks no-one wants to play because her nose is too big, until she meets Fingers the whale, whose nose is even bigger. They play and dive together. When Fingers leaves, she feels alone again but starts to listen more.

Instead of crying, she decides to laugh. Now that she is not thinking about herself so much, her heart is open for other people, and she sends a care package to another pig stranded on a desert island. As a result, the other pigs are happier too, and they build her a special bedroom where she can snore away to her heart’s content.

top illustration: Prunella’s handkerchief – previously used for wiping away tears – has turned into a kite, and now she plays on the beach and answers the message she finds in a bottle.

bottom illustration: Prunella’s snores wake Mario Musical Piggy-wig, Selina Sporty Piggy-wig, Alfred Artistic Piggy-wig, Bessie Bookish Piggy-wig and the Royal Flamingo.